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What is peace of mind worth to you?
Most agree it's priceless when it comes to understanding what you are actually purchasing.

Full Home Inspection Prices include interior scans with
the Fluke TIR-32 Building Diagnostics Thermal Imaging Camera

Slab Foundation Homes 

      0 - 1500 sq. ft.         $329.00
      1501- 2000 sq. ft.         $359.00
      2001- 2500 sq. ft.         $389.00
      2501- 3000 sq. ft.         $419.00
        3001- 3500 sq. ft.
      3501- 4000 sq. ft.         $479.00
        4001- 4500 sq. ft. 
        4501- 5000  sq. ft.

Crawlspace Foundation Homes

         0 - 1999 sq. ft.          add $40.00
         2000-2999 sq. ft.          add $50.00
         3000-3999 sq. ft.          add $60.00
         4000-5000 sq. ft.          add $80.00
         5000-5999 sq. ft.          add $100.00


            0 - 1999 sq. ft.              $299.00
            2000-2500 sq. ft.                $339.00
            Over 2501 sq. ft.
            On Crawlspace adds

        Re-Inspection of completed repairs - photos and a written report. 
$100.00 if no crawlspace - $150.00 if a Crawlspace Reinspection is needed.

Home Over 25 Years Old add $25.00 Homes Over 50 Years Old add $50.00 Home Over 75 Years Old add $75.00 I offer the following Discounts to the above pricing - All 10% off the total: Military (Active, Retired or Active Reserve - ID Cardholders) and First Time Home Buyers - Please let me know if you qualify when scheduling.

Please remember - No business can reduce their prices and maximize the value of their quality and service. In order to obtain both quality and service you will generally have to spend a little more. Please don’t be tricked into sacrificing the quality and service you deserve. A less expensive inspection may ultimately cost much more if it does not accurately represent the condition of the property.

*Additional Home Square Footage Over 5,000 +$0.25 per Square Foot

*Multiple Family Units please Request a Quote

*Fully Elevated (Pier or Piling) Homes and Slab Homes - same price

*Infrared imaging to further assess likely problem areas (i.e. finished floors under upstairs bathrooms and wall roof intersections adjacent to exterior wall framing) using the latest Fluke TiR32 Building Diagnostics Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera is included in the cost of the full home inspection only.

 *Full exterior scans (as well as full interior scans with energy loss and use assessment information) of the building can only be scheduled for the first inspection time of the day. This is when the Delta T is likely to be greatest between a conditioned home and the outside air and before the suns energy is absorbed by the exterior components. An additional $125.00 charge will apply to inspections scheduled with this a requested service as well as the signing of a Thermal Imaging Addendum to the Pre-Inspection Agreement required for all home inspections.

Please remember that payment is due at the time of the inspection (unless other arrangements have been made in advance) The requirements by my insurer specify coverage is issued only for "fee paid inspections" - this protects all parties involved in the transaction. The State of South Carolina also discourages "Payment at Closing" as it makes the Inspector involved in the process beyond the reporting of the conditions of the property observed on the date of the inspection. 

Payment can be cash, a personal check or via ACH (automated clearing house (bank to bank) through PopMoney or Zelle (use my email - mike@atozinspector.com), or though Venmo (I'm @MichaelGault) or Cash App (I'm $MichaelGault27).

My preferred method of payment is via check but many buyers cannot attend the inspection for various reasons so...

I also accept credit card payments and ACH transfers without you being there as detailed above.
 You can be invoiced at your email address with instructions on how to process payment via CC and PayPal if that is your wish. Credit Card processing fees from PayPal as of Feb 2017 are 2.90% (why I try to avoid them).

Wind Mitigation Inspections:

When completed for insurance company premium reductions or discounts - $125.00

Phase Inspections:

Once a house is complete, you cannot see under the house (slab), between the walls, the electrical wiring, or plumbing lines. The Phase type of inspection is becoming more & more popular as the informed buyer becomes aware of its benefits.
There are four major times during and after construction where an inspection from a
Charleston SC Home Inspector may be advantageous:

• Pre-pour: The plumbing, vapor barrier, and structural elements of the foundation & slab will be visible for the last time.
• Pre-drywall: Framing, Rough Electrical, Plumbing elements, & Insulation will be visible for the last time.
• Final walk through (a Full House Inspection): All mechanical, electrical & plumbing details are reviewed.
• 11th month: Your new home usually comes with a 1 year new home warranty. This is the last opportunity to have the builder do anything at his expense, instead of yours.

Phase Inspection (Construction Phases) - $150.00 each for Pre-Pour (foundation prior to slab or footer pour) or Rough Mechanical (pre-drywall).

Mold Sampling Prices:
   Example of the expanded Mold Report

Limited Sampling
Inspection Fee $250.00 (includes the first 2 samples ) Sampling in client defined areas of the dwelling & lab analysis

Mold Screen or General Indoor Air Quality Sampling (IAQ)
Inspection Fee $400.00 (includes the first 3 samples) Visual assessment of the entire dwelling, identification of any “red flags”, client directed sampling of “red flags” (additional costs may apply), & lab analysis. If IAQ sampling is conducted, price includes air-o-cell cassettes and lab analysis.  The use of the
TiR32 Building Diagnostics Thermal Imaging Infrared Camera is included When conducted during a Full Home Inspection a credit of $100.00 will be applied.

Mold Survey
Inspection Fee $1,500.00 min (includes all required samples) Detection of the presence of microbial problems in all readily accessible areas of the property, collection of appropriate data elements to enable remediation specifications to be produced, & lab analysis. Identify, determine cause, and provide corrective measures for all mold sources (causes) discovered in the entire house.

Post Cleaning Inspection
Inspection Fee $400.00 (includes the first 3 samples) Designed to determine the effectiveness of remediation efforts and whether mold problems still exist in designated area(s)

Mold Clearance
Inspection Fee $400.00 (includes the first 3 samples) Designed to determine the effectiveness of remediation efforts and to document the absence of microbial problems before renovations begin.

Additional samples (only if required and client approved) include lab analysis
Swab Sample $75.00 each
Bulk Sample $100.00 each
Air Sample $100.00 each
Carpet Sample $110.00 each
Wall Check Sample $110.00 each 

                                               Please Read This!!!

Beware that in most cases, if visible mold growth is present and the moisture source has been identified, sampling may be unnecessary. According to the EPA, "In specific instances, such as cases where litigation is involved, the source (s) of the mold contamination are unclear, or health concerns are a problem, you may consider sampling as part of a site evaluation." Please contact A to Z Home Inspections to determine whether your situation may require mold or general IAQ (indoor air quality) sampling.

I will not try to sell you any service or testing that is not warranted, please beware of those who might.

Lead Paint  - Sampling on two separate areas - immediate results and a written report of the findings - $55.00